Frequently asked questions

Incorrect spending amount
By default, Emerald rounds up all amounts, so if your spending is $1,293 it'll show as $1,300. You can turn this rounding off from SettingsCurrency & display

Enter decimal amounts ($9.99)?
Yep! Turn on decimal amounts from SettingsCurrency & display

Editing categories
Not at the moment, but I'm working on it!

What's next?
Thanks for asking! Custom categories, iCloud backup and oh so more ♥️

Known behaviors + issues (version 2.0)

Default budget is being used only when entering expenses, not income

Adding an expense from "Budget" widget when budget is set to "Recurring bills" doesn't work as expected

If you add an income to a budget, it won't show up in the budget's total spent. You can achieve this behavior by setting the budget size. Stay tuned for updates!

You can't delete budgets which already have entries, sorry about that. Try deleting or changing the entries' budget

Updating an entry from the search screen sometimes causing visual glitches

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